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Compression Springs

Common Applications

Electronic, electrical, medical equipment, motor vehicles, bicycles, hardware tools, damping devices... Etc.

The specification can be made:

Diameter 0.2mm ~ 10mm

Compression springs are the most common spring configuration, and one of the most efficient energy storage devices. According to their applications, compression springs could be utilized in many shapes, including cylindrical shape, conical, barrel and hourglass. And the ends types of compression springs could be opened, closed ends, open &ground, and close, squared & ground. When you put a load on a compression spring, making it short, its coils push back against the load and tries to get back to its original length.

  • The diameter of the inner control (A) Outside diameter (B) Internal diameter (C) The outer diameter of the package
  • Materials Wire Category 3 material and grade
  • The number of (A) The total number of turns (B) Ring left or right
  • The two ends of the form
  • The free length
  • The minimum use of high compression
  • The length of the load within the range of variation than