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Extension Springs

Common Applications

Medical respiratory equipment, motion control, hand tools, mobile medical equipment, machinery and electronic hardware protection, flow control valves, actuators, switches, machine equipment, instruments Bell

The specification can be made:

Diameter 0.2mm ~ 10mm

Extension Springs are similar to compression springs, but are loaded in tension. The ends of Extension Springs are made into hooks or loops, which are provided to allow a full force to be applied. By creating a resistance to a pulling force, Extension Springs could control the components, store energy as well as measure the force value. The coils of an extension springs are often gapless in the no-load situation. It is initial tension that determines how tightly together an extension springs is coiled. Therefore, tension values of springs vary with different initial tension, even the springs have same sizes.

  • The free length (A) the total length (B) Full Cycle Length (C) from the length of the hook and loop
  • Control diameter (A) Outside diameter (B) An inner diameter (C) The inner diameter of the sleeve
  • Material Wire
  • The material type, grade
  • The number of turns (A) the total number of turns (B) left or right
  • The end of the form
  • Load hook within
  • The load factor, curvature Rao
  • The maximum stretch length